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Woody’s Murray to Moyne

The Murray to Moyne has two goals:

1. To raise funds for Hospitals and Health Services throughout Victoria.
In the spirit of the Murray to Moyne to raise much needed funds for health care, every team must nominate which Hospital or Health Service they will raise funds for when they register. Once your team registration has been approved, your online fundraising can commence by utilising the simplied Donation page specifically created to accept donations on your teams’ behalf.

2. To continue Woody’s dream of getting more people to realize the fabulous health and social benefits of riding a bike.
The Murray to Moyne is a team relay event, so you can get a group of workmates, family or friends together and register a team, or let us know and we’ll try and put you in touch with some other people who are keen to start up a new team in your area.


Pilcher Builders Bendigo was proud to be involved

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